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From Covington, Maryland

February 19, 2010


If you are seeking a job with a future, stay clear of Solaray-Sunglasses. Route sales people will only average about $5.00 an hour when you figure the actual amount of time needed to complete the job as the coporate office expects. They can't do it but will play sneaky under the table games and try to force you to quit so that they won't have to pay an unemployment claim, if you don't perform up to their unrealistic standards. There are different volume of sales routes yet a sales person on a low volume route gets paid about the same as a sales person on a high volume route yet only has to make their sacred 8-12 stops per day.They have been top heavy on their office management staff, especially the last three years. Of course to pay their office management staff, they have implemented pay cuts to the route sales people. A person hired today will take over ten years to make what a starting sales person made about three years ago
They have either fired or forced out all the Regional Managers that were making over a certain amount of money and replaced them with their hand picked puppet's that will say or do anything they tell them,with no questions asked.The Regional Managers left are told that if they don't like the way thing's are going that they will be replaced by someone else that would love to have their job,in today's economy.
The company has gone downhill ever since it was bought a few years ago by Wiley Smith. The whole family is on the payroll,yet do nothing whatsoever as far as keeping the company running.
Please don't think that i am just giving this company a bad review because i was mistreated. If you don't heed my word and stay clear of Solaray, you will be writing a review shortly as well.
One last thing, they tell you during the job interview that you have a job for life, as long as you don't steal from them or abuse drugs, yet the truth is you will only have a job with them as long as you allow them to dog you out.
Don't walk away from Solaray, run run run run run run run run run ..................................................

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