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From Ripley, OH
July 28, 2010


Native Floral is a national company who's only major client is Costco Wholesale. Their fresh floral products are shipped from South America and what they purchase is at bargain basement prices. The quality and shelf life reflect their bargain basement approach. Independant contractors at store level find themselves being blamed for conditions beyond their control such as product shelf life and quality of products. When feedback about the quality and shelf life, even if it is coming directly from members & Costco management, the IC is told to "deal with it" and find blame somewhere else. It's NEVER Native Floral's upper management fault or problem

I worked for them for a "million years" in Native floral Independant contract life. The head of the Chicago production facility is a screaming lunatic who wants to point the finger at someone other than herself. Training is non-existant at Native Floral so if you make a mistake expect to be screamed at by this person for at least 45 mins to an hour for your mistake, please do not expect a compliment when you perform above and beyond your expectations. . Numerous Costco personel refuse to deal with her. In fact no one, even at her own company wants to deal with her. Amazing that in any other company she would not be employed.

Only sales position I have ever had that the more I sold the less I made. So there is no motivation to sell more because you will make less. Not to mention, we are independant contractors, responsbile for our own taxes, insurance and incidentals. State Wage and hour would have a field day if Native Floral was ever reported. IC status, not even close to IRS regulations, let alone individual state requirements.
Dream on if you would like any benefits.

I was required to sign a contract with a "non-compete" clause. stating I could not devulge company secrets for 2 years and could not work in the industry. Why would I show another company how to provide cheap, low quality product, how to finger point, degrade their IC's, and provide a hostile enviorment.?

In, summary, if you would like to work for a company that provides low quality, cheap products, gives no motiviation or incentive (increase in pay) for your position, no job development, treated like a child, hostile work enviroment, office politics at it's finest (wont even go into how Costco treated me), blame anyone but themselves, and work harder than you have ever worked in your life in a thankless position. GO FOR IT!

The happiest day of my life is when I was told they were not renewing my contract. They have gone through 22 IC"s since I left, ranging in from 2 weeks to 3 months in the postion. It is ironic that the reasons my contract was not renewed were beyond my control, quality of product, shelf life etc are still readily apparent each time I shop at the store. The real reason my contract was not renewed is that I refused to "kiss anyones' ass any longer and take blame that I didnt and never did deserve"Comment

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