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From Drexel, Georgia

February 17, 2011


Overall this company is a complete joke. It is kinda like an episode of The Office and Reno 911 combined. Everyone and everything that takes place doesnt really make any sense and is just kinda screwed up. The rules and policies change on an hourly basis. Everyday I go into work and everyday there are new rules. Employees come and go with the wind. Whenever a question is asked about anything to anyone the answer is always different depending upon who you ask and at what time you ask. This job is ideal for someone who doesn't have any real ambitions and has an alcohol and/or drug problem. Apparently Harbor Freight does not make enough money to drug test applicants and out of the applicants that do apply they pick the absolute worst to hire. Their advertising and merchandishing departments aren't much better. Every week we run ads for items that we do not carry in the store, but can be ordered off the website. Seeing as half of the "customers"(that want more than just their free flashlight, and an extra one for their brother, mom, neighbor, dog, etc.) that shop at Harbor Freight aren't real familiar with this whole new "internet" thing and can't spell computer much less own a computer, it makes it difficult to deal with them.The few items that we do carry we only recieve 2 of for the week that it is on sale and will have 500 customers demanding that they get their Topsy Turvey or else there gonna tell my manager on me. Seeing as our Manager got fired six months ago I try not to get to upset. Even though the economy isn't doing so well right now apparently no one ever applies for management positions at harbor freight or so our District Manager says. Now surely he wouldn't lie to his employees right? Don't even think about answering the phone from them or an unavailable number on your day off, unless your ready to come in. Even if your already scheduled to work 50 hours for the week you better come in. You could explain to your boss that your first born child has just been mauled by a Rottweiler and your house burned down and they will tell you you have 20 min to get to work, otherwise your not a team player and your a bad bad employee, until that manager gets fired and the new pretend one from some other store comes along and you start all over again with him for a month or two and then he quits and/or gets fired. All in All its a great place to work for Drunks and Druggies.

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