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From Tygart lake state park, WV
January 31, 2010


After over ten years in the security industry, I've never seen a security company that disregards all basic safety and security procedures. The only thing this company cares about is its bottom line. The trucks were constantly breaking down. Many didn't have AC. Lots of trucks were in violation of basic DOT standards like tires with belts showing, locks that didn't work and engines missing whole components. The lack of respect among management was unreal. If you didn't kiss up to management, you never got ahead. The company didn't even follow its own so-called safety standards and often made crews carrying millions of dollars work without so much as a third man. If you complained to corporate about any of this, you got suspended. If a superior gave you bad instructions, you got fired for following them. Drivers who had wrecks were fired whether or not if it was their fault. Though, most of the time it was their fault because several of the drivers were hired with DUIs on their record and one management lackey was driving armored trucks without a CDL and with a suspended DL. Turnover was unbelievable for a security company and the only thing anybody talked about was getting another job. Pay was okay but I heard they cut out OT after I quit. Employees were often expected to work 12 and 14 hour days but when you asked for a day off, half the time they would just ignore the request. One particularly nasty member of management once called and cussed out a doctor who prescribed three days off for an employee who had just had surgery. He complained that it was a minor procedure and the employee should have been back the next day. Overall, a bad experience that falls somewhere between working in a sweatshop and shoveling dung for a whip cracking overseer.Comment

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