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Working at "Brainfuse" - Reviews by Employees

From Rocklake, ND
March 13, 2011


This primary purpose of Brainfuse is to function as a money mill for a select bunch of NYC lawyers and businessmen.

Extremely low pay, or in my case, NO pay because their computer system botched up my hours such that there was a delay of 2 weeks. Payroll never responded to my email messages. Administration and payroll are outsourced; hence, that's why tutors can't call and speak to anyone at company headquarters.

As a tutor, I routinely have to tutor 2-3 people at the same time. Oftentimes, students just magically "appear" in sessions w/o warning; hence, a tutor is required to figure out a lesson plan for the kid on the spot. Of course, tutors can't reveal that they're tutoring more than 1 student at a time, even when a student asks.

One good thing about Brainfuse is the total lack of supervision--you can do as you will, including make mistakes, and not get noticed unless a student says something about it in their post-session commentComment

Working at "Brainfuse" - Reviews by Employees

From Dundee, KY
October 11, 2010


Working with Brainfuse is a great experience. You can schedule tutoring around events in your life. Its a great way to make extra money on the side.Comment

Working at "Brainfuse" - Reviews by Employees

From Rocklake, ND
July 8, 2010


Administration at this company has nothing better to do than harass tutors.

Lately, for whatever reasons, this company has decided to utterly waste tutors' time. Though tutors are overwhelmed with legitimate students who need homework help, management has decided to pose as students using user names, questions, and responses that no student would ever use. Hence, at the same time as tutors are helping students learn, someone in admin will log on and ask a tutor to help with a reading lesson for 3rd grade (this is at 11 pm)--no 3rd grade student ever volunteers for a reading lesson, much less late in the evening. Since Brainfuse has transcripts of sessions, they can easily review a tutor's performance; hence, there's no need to waste a tutor's time with ridiculous mock sessions at the exact same time that a tutor is helping a real student.

Also, lately, every time a tutor admits to not being able to help a student because the student asked a question outside of the tutor's area of expertise, admin writes the tutor up. What's that about? Tutors can't possibly know everything about every single subject. For instance, recently, a student logged in with a question on a topic I don't even tutor, so I referred the student to a tutor for that subject. Admin wrote me up.Comment

Working at "Brainfuse" - Reviews by Employees

From Topmost, KY
June 5, 2010


I have been working for brainfuse for 2 years now.

I agree if you want to talk to them it is nearly impossible. normally they take about a week to respond to a question, and unless it is urgent tech support takes even longer. the only way i have gotten information quickly is by talking to the moderator while online.

as for pay I think it is decent, for me. i am a college student with an AA degree not "certificated" for anything to do with tutoring and vs. my other options $10 is pretty good. and i have never had a big problem with pay i just email them and they normally fix it before the checks go out. problems are usually with connection, sometimes i am briefly disconnected and what ever tracks hours as it relates to pay stops but it still keeps track of when i was online so it is just a matter of translating the lost hours(mins).

the one-on-one tutoring thing is a lie for Instant Access (IA) or homework help. as a math and physics tutor i nearly always have 2 students but it is ok because for the most part the students don't need help at the same time, ether one is idle while I'm working with the other or one is working on a problem while i help the other, i only have a problem when i have 2 physics students at the same time.

for IA you really have to fight for hours. there quick connect program lets you know when a student needs a tutor and you have to accept it before another tutor does in order to get a session. this leads to sitting at the computer for potently hours while waiting for a student to log on and for you to click it first. (i just watch TV or study while waiting) good news though, once you get in you get first dibs on new student logging on, so just don't log off and your good for the night.

in the beginning of each semester (September and January) they schedule IA hours, you get paid ($7 for waiting) but then they schedule too many tutors and drop the hours after a month or so. then you have to go back to the quick connect method.

i don't have much experience with PA sessions (this is the one-on-one part that is advertised). the few times i had PA sessions they were removed after the first or second lesson.

as for those other things....
-when i do talk to them i get respect, they understand why i might be mad and don't be little the problem ("don't worry it will be fixed"--"I need the money now..")

-there are no benefits but there is no reason to think you would get them. the tell you up front you are an independent contractor and as such all they do is pay you and maybe schedule you.

-job security is weird. they wont fire you but getting a session to work can be difficult. sometimes, on slow days, you might not get a session at all. and the hours that they do schedule you can be removed without warning.

-work/life balance - 5. you can work whenever you want (form 1pm - 1am EST when they are open)

-career potential/growth. i talked to one of the moderators about this she told me she had worked for brainfuse for over 7 years before she got to be a moderator. that seems like a long time for a job that is about one step up from retail store.

-Location. you should know by now it is an online tutoring company. so you can be anywhere. i work from my apt in Florida.

-Co-worker competence. you word alone for the most part so this cannot be rated.

-Work Environment - good, you get to help student understand there classes. bad students are few and far between. most of them, i'm sure, are forced to be there but most still want to learn.

in conclusion, if you wanna work for brainfuse you have to be able to work with out direction, not be afraid to tell them about payroll mistakes, and be prepared to sit at the computer for an undetermined amount of time while waiting for a session. for me that is fine.Comment

Working at "Brainfuse" - Reviews by Employees

From Crazy horse memorial, SD
May 22, 2010


For an online tutoring company, you can do worse than Brainfuse (but not by much). Tutors are underpaid (10$/hr) and receive no benefits, or job security as they are independent contractors and not employees. There is little direct supervision or monitoring of tutoring sessions, which gives tutors some degree of independent decision-making in sessions. This is why I rated Brainfuse slightly higher than in the category of respect. If they are going to underpay professional teachers and tutors, at least they don't force us to work under the lash of a "mentoring" system (as in the posting under for comparison). As noted in other postings on the web, Brainfuse sometimes doubles-up a session with two students to a tutor, though tutors are expressly forbidden to disclose to a student that they are not the only one in the session. Management is very slow to respond to e-mails and the relationship between themselves and tutors is, like, one-sided. No input, advice, opinions, or ideas are ever solicited from tutors regarding tutoring policy. Online tutoring could be rewarding and creative for both students and tutors, but as long as it's operated by boardroom profiteers it remains constrictive and degrading.Comment

Working at "Brainfuse" - Reviews by Employees

From Columbus afb, MS
April 16, 2010


The Worst Online Tutoring Company you can work with...I would advice everyone to save yourself the torture that i went through..The Staff is extremely rude, Uncooperative and ther's no way to get in touch with them except emails which they dont respond to unless you write 2-3 times. They change the tutor schedule without any approval or prior notice to the tutor . Also they mention tutoring one student at a time which is so untrue...I do Maths (Algebra, Geometry) and thers always two -three students at a time. So you cannot totally devote attention to a student and you are always juggling between them. Thers no job security. My sessions have been cancelled for last few weeks without any reason. I was asked to take some tests which I did and I scored well ..I wrote to them but no response. I will switch once good option is available. All in all I would give them -4 overall...!!Comment

Working at "Brainfuse" - Reviews by Employees

From Hamilton city, CA
January 16, 2010


Most people running this company are complete morons.

Extremely low pay.

Poorly behaved students.

No structure. Really bad interface.Comment

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