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Working at "Amscot Financial" - Reviews by Employees

From Organ, NM
March 14, 2011


Amscot is the worst possible company to work for PERIOD. They pay above average in order to recruit new SLAVES , if they didn't do this they would never have anyone apply for a position within the company. They have absolutely ZERO respect for anyone within the company and much less the customers whom they pillage and rape order to survive at amscot you are required to and in direct violation of company policy have a "personal" relationship with the lonely district leaders ,who in the case of the district i work for is a obese bull dyke who has no friends and no one likes her and for this reason she forces you to either befriend her or be harassed on a daily basis. this person calls on a min by min basis to complain about everything from how many staplers are in stock to how many cans of air duster we have to even forcing customers up to a window (it is company policy not to allow the customer to stand anywhere but at a window) and she enforces this by looking into the 3 working cameras in the branch. (all others are for show) as for benefits the cost is proximately $50 just for medical a paycheck 10 for a vision plan that no optometrist takes and 25 for a dental plan that when used will decline half of everything after they have said they will pay causing you to run unexpected and highly routine bills. if you are lucky to have a family the cost out of pocket is $290 a paycheck this is because they pay 0% of it with the same perks.Job security is a joke as previously mentioned you MUST become friends with the district leaders in order to survive longer than a year in which case you will only survive aprox 3 years no matter what . they are constantly looking for ways to write you up and fire you its a hire and fire mill . the director of human resources is in cahoots with the district leader and they hang out on a regular basis often engaging in deviant behavior so dont expect any open door policy b/s .While working for amscot expect constant schedule changes on little to no notice (with no apparent reason no sick days are allowed and are met with termination)you are given one weekend day off which in any normal job would not be so bad except here the weekend day you work is a 15 hr shift and there is no chance of getting away for a small out of town trip , vacation , or anything that would take more than 1hr to reach.the rest of your shifts will be 4 hrs one day 15 two days in a row 6 the next and so fourth . highly random schedules with no chance of school,or rest. speaking of school you are not allowed to go to school , have a second job or anything that would "interfere" with amscot.(even though they "claim" they encourage school)this will also be met with termination. as an example one associate i knew requested to go attend nursing school off working hours and asked for a minor 1hr change in the schedule and was told by the dl. " if thats what they are trying to do that means they dont want to work at amscot and we dont need them get rid of them" Moving up is automatic in most cases because so many people are fired and quit the farther you move up the more money you make the more they try to get rid of you.90% of branches are located in the rough parts of town and 95% of the customers are deviants and drug dealers the 5% are elderly and deeply in debt. Most hostile working environment ever dreamed of . having served in the national guard that says alot. Please do not be swayed by the $$$ you are selling your soul to SATAN himself and if you are thinking of using amscot services i recommend you go to walmart do not fall into the payday loan cycle !!Comment

Working at "Amscot Financial" - Reviews by Employees

From Hiller, PA
December 8, 2010


AMSCOT aka legal loan sharks. They care nothing about their employees. I've been a co leader for 2 years and just got fired for the stupidest reason. They tap the phones, watch you on camera, record every key stroke on the computer. They do not respect you, they do not have your back on anything you do. Quick to throw you under the bus for any reason. Getting paid to take peoples money, having your life threatened while you walk to your car alone at night, and if somebody comes up to you while your walking out, the other employee is instructed to ditch you there to fend for yourself. They base your raises on the branch's performance, NOT YOURS. The economy sucks and they punish YOU for it. I'm sure all the corporate goons get their yearly raises. Not to mention, you can't have family or friends that work there, yet the owner and BOTH his sons work right under him at corporate. Not to mention the DL'S and people at corporate are each others kids god parents. yes the pay is good, thats why they keep their employees because otherwise, they would have nobody to work for them. They speak of integrity.. but the fee's on the board posted in every lobby is wrong. Money orders are not 9.9% and payroll over 1k is not 2% its 1.5%. They use that to make the customer think we are giving them a break. When the district leaders walk in the branch unexpectedly, everybody clenches their ass cheeks together because if you break wind, your fired. The hours are ridiculous, If you want 2 days off in a row, it's like going thru the chamber of commerce for approval. Calling in sick is not acceptable, you have NO sick time to earn, you have to subtract hours from your vacation days if you want to get paid for it. If it happens to be a friday or the 1st thru the 5th of the month that you call in, you better have been in the hospital in a coma with bacterial meningitis, a staff infection that is eating your body alive and maybe your fingers chopped off... or your fired. They don't care that you work every single holiday including CHRISTMAS, THANKSGIVING, EASTER AND NEW YEARS. They don't care that you miss family reunions or birthday parties or award ceremonies. They don't care that you work on your days off if you are short staffed. They don't care if you open the branch on your day off for people who fail to wake up on time for 3 sundays in a row. You can not mention that you want to go back to school or that Amscot is not where you want to spend the rest of your life, they tap the phones remember? They move you at the drop of a dime from one location to the next, no compensation for driving further and losing time. They say they want you to move up to branch leader.. but if you say NO, they look at you like you have 3 eyeballs. Then if you seem to be unhappy they drill you and then you end up fired anyways. The right thing to do would be to fix what's broken.. instead they just let you go and promote some other fool to do your job half assed. There are no annual picnics or anything in that manner, god forbid you friend somebody at another branch, they might think your plotting to steal a postage stamp. Cell phones are zero tolerance, can't even have them on vibrate or use them in the back.. but the district leaders live on theirs!!! and OH LORD the emails!! the SAME emails sent out 4 times a day from 6 different people. When the phone rings you don't know if it is a customer or if its a phone shop. If you don't have the phone script memorized word for word, you fail. they call you the busiest part of a friday afternoon rush and expect you to put the 3 customers your helping at the same time to wait, so you can give the person on the phone who was too lazy to come into the branch.. to have your full attention. collections- WHY do we have a collections department? the associates do all the collection calls! It could be the 1st of the month, payday, a friday.... you can't even shove your lunch in your mouth quick enough to get back on a window, but the calls must be done or you fail the audit. Did i mention that only certain people in branches are able to call collections? meanwhile you have to manage the associates, greet new cash advance customers, manage the vault, hand out tootsie rolls at the same time. And the customers get offended if you don't give them tootsie rolls immediately or bow down to their every request. By the way, you DO have to be a customer to get money orders over a certain amount. The commercial is false advertising. So if your thinking about working for amscot, think again. Youd get better treatment from pimps on nebraska ave.Comment

Working at "Amscot Financial" - Reviews by Employees

From Capital hill,
December 7, 2010


Probably the worst business to function for within the globe! No breaks, zero tolerance on cell phones (you aren't permitted to make use of them ever! Not even although on 'break'), No outdoors studying supplies are permitted within Amscot amenities (WTF? Scientology significantly?), you're continuously monitored by cameras not for regardless of whether or not you steal but fairly to consider your 'body language' and 'friendliness', they'll fire you for no obvious trigger. No write ups, no 2nd probabilities, it's what it's and great bye!
You will probably be fortunate to allow it to be via the coaching 'boot camp'. Our coaching class shrunk and shrunk. And individuals those that have 'disappeared' had been those that appeared like intelligent those that did not essentially 'need' Amscot to obtain by in existence (when it comes to careers)!!!!
The coaching appears like they're attempting to brainwash you.!!!!. If you don't concur or query something, display any kind of doubt within the policies or suggestions of Amscot you're out. They declare they need leaders but truly they merely want senseless sheep which will comply with any of Amscot's suggestions and recommendations (even when they're illegal or unethical)!!!!
At coaching we had been knowledgeable that our coach was promoted to her place 2months in the past and that prior to that she was a group leader for any couple of months and prior to that an affiliate.!!!!. I discovered it unusual for everybody within the business to become promoted so rapidly (there have been much more examples apart from hers that sounded the exact same)!!!!
I ADVISE Anybody Who's Pondering ABOUT Operating AT AMSCOT TO Remain Absent!!!!!!
It appears like it's a business constructed on lies and I'm glad I no lengthier function there.Comment

Working at "Amscot Financial" - Reviews by Employees

From Somers, IA
August 27, 2010


Have you ever actually offered your soul towards the satan?

With this business you'll really feel as in the event you did. You'll have all of the wealth you require, after which some, nevertheless you'll flip right into a self-loathing, customer-service-hating hypocrite. You'll not see your clients as individuals any much more, you'll see them as dollar indicators and suckers. As you climb the ladder of promotions you'll start to determine the spine from the business. Disgrace. You need to inspire your associates to become motivated with sixteen hour shifts and no breaks in-between. For safety functions, you are able to not depart the department throughout your shift, as a result you don't clock out for lunch, and in addition, you take your lunch in between clients. When have you ever actually observed an Amscot department empty? Do you understand how several occasions I cried wishing I could lock the doorways for just five minutes so me and my crew could get a chunk to consume right after standing on our ft for hrs of non-stop aiding individuals. Your superiors will display you empathy but deep lower can't do something about it simply because their superiors are apprehensive about objectives. Lastly, whenever you burn up out and turn out to be no lengthier helpful, you're fired or informed you aren't great sufficient. That leads me also towards the annual increase incentive. It's depending on efficiency. I wrote a pretty great evaluation for 1 of my associates (a nicely deserved 1) that might give her a good increase. My district chief informed me to alter my evaluation to a decrease score so there could be much more cash left within the spending budget. If I give her a increase then I'd need to reduce her hrs lower to create up for it. So the worker only will get a "satisfactory". What morale!Comment

Working at "Amscot Financial" - Reviews by Employees

From Andover, NY
August 27, 2010


Well now, unemployed for those reasons. I used to be a branch manager for a florida based company called Amscot. It targets people who can not manage their money and provides payday loans. Although it is in fine print to please use payday loans responsibly. At a bank they do not loan you money if they do not think you can pay them back. At Amscot, they consiously know the person is irresponsible with money (because they take a loan for 8 consectutive times in a row. wife will take one to pay of husband's and vice versa) and they allow them so we can collect on additional fees associated with it.

I found no pleasure in promoting this practice and walked away from my big pay checks.

Amscot is the worst company i have ever worked for! sure the pay is above average but you will pay for that in BLOOD they DO NOT allow sick days and will not pay u if u call out. in fact if you do call out u will 99% chance be fired. they have no respect for the employee and require you to give up your entire life to work there , u are not allowed to go to school ,have a second job etc. they harass you on a daily basis and entice customers to enter a vicious cycle of borrow and repay. benefits are minimal if single and non existent for a family one lasts more that 3 years unless you are part of a certain "clique" and associate with the district leaders and the director of human resources . then you will be ok unless the dl's decide you know to much. there is no such thing as personal life while you work here they will change your schedule on a daily basis and you will work 12 to 15 hr days and open the following day. potential grown is tied into how you hang out with your district leader ( in direct violation of company policy)and usually they only promote those who are in this clique.locations are in the ghettos and slums of the respective neighborhoods and is very dangerous leaving at night.thw work eniroment is the most HOSTILE i have ever encountered and no matter how well you do they will find somethuing to complain and write you up for. please heed the warning DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!Comment

Working at "Amscot Financial" - Reviews by Employees

From Graf, IA
March 9, 2010


Amscot is really a cult & prison like company. Most employees are unhappy. Check out the forums at Employees are usually working inhumane shifts usually 12+ hours w/ no designated meal breaks. Employees work in a secured area their ENTIRE shift. Unable to leave unless time to go home. You also can't be a smoker for this reason. Amscot won't hire you. Communication w/ other employees outside your branch are slim to none which makes you feel unwanted & like a slave/prisoner for having no interaction to help learn from other coworkers about the truth about Amscot. Amscot sends out a "positive" monthly e-newsletter, which is really a bunch of chicken dong. Working a weekend day is required & the other weekend day is spent being so tired from working the other day to the fullest, so weekends are never enjoyable. Extremely micromanaged. Amscot's clientelle is mostly on the rough side. One of the requirements is to collect $$ on delinquent & UNSUSPECTING customers. So when someone comes in to cash a check & they owe Amscot $$$, employees are required to keep the funds & usually the customer is left high & dry on short notice & not good in a rough neighborhood & working late at night walking to your car alone. That's not mentioned in Amscot's prison camp training for new employees. Stay away from this company & consider a reputable financial institution such as a credit union or a bank! Amscot was also founded on insurance fraud & racketeering a good 10 years ago or so. The president of Amscot can be found on the Hillsborough County Sheriff office's website when you do an arrest inquiry. Work for a company based on that says PLENTY!Comment

Working at "Amscot Financial" - Reviews by Employees

From Capital hill,
March 5, 2010


Amscot Monetary provides a suitable spend when put next to other monetary establishments and/or banks. Nevertheless, put together to become their slave, and overlook about getting a existence. Every thing will evolve close to your operate. If you've children, you will require to employ baby-sitters, and if you are single, overlook about heading out on week-ends. Holidays are extremely difficult to obtain, and in the event you finish up obtaining fortunate, you will need to choose the worst occasions for it. In any case, it is all about revenue at Amscot. Certain, they will provide you with as several tootsie-rolls as you please, but they will rip you off for certain. Don't,!.!..I repeat,!.!.don't ever get a career there or else you will endure the long-term penalties of that horrible job.Comment

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