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From Betty, Indiana

February 16, 2011


How can I explain the experience of working at Alorica? Two words: bait and switch. Everyone from the recruiters to management exclaim this place as a fun and exciting place to work. The only ones having fun and excitement are the recruiters and management. A haunted house, Santa's lap, great if you are already a part of the "non-working" Alorica team. Think they could have jumped on the phones to give hard working, well deserving agents a break? Nah, sharing in the fun and excitement is not an option. Instead it felt more like a slap in the face to the agents that had to maintain their stats during all this hilarity. FUN!! How can a company not offer a pay raise incentive after you get through your probationary period?? This company will continue to loose good, reliable, extraordinary emplyoees if they do not take a hard look at their management style. Okay, sitting on your butt and taking calls all day is not hard work, until you add in all the expectations that make it almost impossible to fully serve the customer. AGENTS NEED MORE THAN 10 MINUTES FOR A BREAK!!!!

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