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From Ogallala, New Hampshire

October 21, 2010


I have nevef had the experience of working for an unorganized company where kissing butt plays such an important role. Ask Shannon, Maryanne and a few others,they were the biggest butt kissers of them all. I did get a promotion within my first year of employmnet but was reminded every other week by my sup that she helped me get my promotion.

Management: These are the biggest idiots ever they run arould like idiots getting cursed out by the Site Director. They have no respect for the supervisors are agents, they threaten agents if they dont work overtime when they are only given 10 minutes notice.
Supervisors:Most of them have no sup experience and do not know what the hell they are doing. Once they are promoted they become robots and are taken out of their character.
Benefits If you have a pre-existing condition FORGET benefits.
PAY: One word "SUCKS" and you may wait 18 days until the next pay period.
Vacation and Sick Time: When you acrue hours you have to beg for a day off, If you are sick you do get paid but still get an attendance point.

I recommend if you have a job keep it if you dont have one never send your resume to "HELLORICA" that place is everyone's worst nightmare!!!!!!

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