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From Lyons, KY
April 4, 2010

ACS Located in Lexington, Ky on Fortune drive. Is always hiring people. I turned out to be on of these people. I started in the Sprint Project, However we didn't know until we we're over half way through our training that we were going into that project. So we were rushed through an already thrown together training class that consisted mostly of getting to know everyone's gossip and spreading it around. I often times felt like fresh meat being thrown to the wolves in the early stages of my ACS career. Upon getting out of the training lab I was on the floor making calls to Sprint/Nextel customer. I learned 98% of everything I would use to do my job on the actual floor. The training isn't enough to prepare you for anything other than a panic attack. I was put on a brand new supervisors team. After working for a week under the new supervisor I was asked to take part in the Help Desk queue. This consisted first that you still made calls to Sprint/Nextel customer and you also would take Supervisor escalated calls and assist other agents in the building with questions. This was a little bit overwhelming, but I took the opportunity as a way to move up fast in the company. After they decided that the help desk would then turn into an agent assistant queue only I was truly happy and in fact often times loved my job. After 2 months the new supervisor I was under was to be demoted based entirely on complaints from some of my co-workers who had set out to sabotage the manager. They basically complained enough to the General Manager that she got tired of hearing it and demoted him based entirely on the opinion of a couple workers in the center. Needless to say this is where the ride begins. I was then switched over to a new team that was being made of of both new hired workers and what was left of the team i was on. After going back to square one with this team and being taken out of the help desk queue my numbers began to fall. The reason for the numbers falling is becuase after a week or working within the company they trusted me enough to take sup calls. I knew how to handle any situation possible in the Sprint/Nextel division, However you cannot predict the customer's availability and reasoning. So you are often times unable to meet the goal that is set before you. Eventually i was placed back into the help desk queue. After another month or so we began to run out of work all together. This affected us who would help the agents as well as the agents. Soon there were talks of lay-offs and mass firings. After a couple trips to the doctor to find out that this job is basically giving me stress and anxiety issues. i was back and more dedicated than ever only to find out i am going to be switched to a new team. ACS held a shift-bid in which the top performing agents in the center were to get the first pick of the shift and queue they would like to work in. After the shift-bid was over. The shift bid was then called off and they made the announcement that they had obtained temporary work from Boost mobile. Fearing that i would run out of work and eventually be fired i volunteered to move over to the Boost campaign. I have really enjoyed the Boost mobile campaign and enjoy working with ACS again. The place is always going to be a bit unpredictable and you are probably always going to get treated less like a human and more like a statistic than anyone should ever have to be treated like. The pay is decent and the hours at least in the Boost campaign are great with unlimited overtime right now. I wouldn't tell someone to not work there, but I wouldn't recommend it as a first option either. I just wish you could get more respect for all the hard work that you do. And i would love to see more promotions happening within the center. I haven't seen anyone move forward that i trained with or anyone that i have known personally in the center budge, unless it was to another queue. After customers yell at you for hours on end. All i would really like is to hear someone in the center say that they appreciate my being there and the work that i am doing for them as well. If it were not for all the people doing a good job on the phones then they would be unable to gain campaigns and in turn make money for the company and themselves. However Logic doesn't translate well at ACS.Comment

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